Vaude at EquipOutdoors

Have you ever wondered where the VAUDE brand name comes from? Quite simple actually: the initials VD are from the last name of the founder Albrecht von Dewitz. The German pronunciation of these initials is [fau´de], hence the VAUDE company name.

Vaude are located in the very heart of the Lake Constance region of southern Germany, within view of the Alps, are VAUDE company headquarters. Here you’ll find Vaude hard at work designing gear that meets the highest standards in quality and performance for all aspects of mountain sports and cycling. The numerous awards and top ratings received in product and field testing from renowned trade magazines demonstrate just how successful Vaude are.

For more than 30 years VAUDE has stood for authenticity and competence. Ground breaking developments and unrivalled innovations throughout all product segments have been made possible by an unceasing creative process. Vaude's alpine expertise, the professional know-how from VAUDE TEAM Bike members, the feedback they obtain from customers and, last but not least, Vaude's ability to think beyond the expected drives the perpetual refinement of VAUDE products.

Vaude Hogan Ultralight Footprint

Vaude Odyssee Footprint