Aarn Mountain Magic


With a large front back volume ratio, a body centred load is easy to achieve with the cutting edge Aarn Mountain Magic design.

Pack it correctly and your balance and posture are unaltered when you put the pack on and there is no pull back on the shoulders!

Adding to this is the low pack weight - giving you the most efficient load carrying system for longer trips using ultralight gear.

The pack and Balance Pockets are 100% waterproof. The Balance Pockets are removable and interchangeable. You can minimise the weight by removing the liners. You can remove the shoulder straps and top frame to create a Torso pack & reduce weight so all weight is only on your hips. (MT V.3)


  • Mountain Balance Pockets
  • 1 Backlength with On-A Torso-adjust, 15cm range
  • U, V, Omni & Flexi Flow
  • X Flow chest straps with Conus Clip
  • Auto-mould Frame
  • Auto mould hipbelt
  • 3 waterproof Dri-liners with roll top closures
  • 5 external pockets
  • Web-loc compression
  • Attachments for ice axe and trekking poles
  • Torso-pack Convertible


Volume: 40L + 12L

Total: 1420 gm
Less Liners: 1278 gm
Minimum: 880 gm
Dimensions: 60 H x 30 W x 25 L cm

Key Fabrics: 500D Kodra nylon, 210D, 70D x 100D & 40D ripstop nylon
Colour: Green/Grey

Options: Marathon Balance Pockets; other Balance Pockets (Hip Holsters needed to attach), Lasso-loc Straps, Ski Straps, Snowboard Straps