Thermastat Thermal Womens Top


A womens specific cut of Thermastat Thermalwear. Made from 100% polyester 170gsm hollow core fabric from Dupont - Just like fur of a Polar Bear!

The hollow core affords greater warmth than conventional thermalwear and is soft next to the skin.

- High wickability - mositure is drawn away from the skin
- Non absorbent - it doesn't smell if you wear it longer than a day
- Made with flat seams to eliminate the ridge formed by conventional seams

THERMASTAT outperforms other Thermalwear fabrics!

To determine effectiveness, each thermal wear fabric was rated on a scale from 1 to 15 with 15 being the best.  Thermastat Thermalwear outperformed  other brands tested by reaching a score of 146 out of a possible high score total of 150.

Additional Size, Style & Colour Information:

Sizes: XS, S, L & XL Only
Styles: Long Sleeve Crew Neck
Colours: Black

Unisex sizing available also