Luxe Tarp Pole 237x


The Luxe Alloy Tarp pole 237X is the perfect pole for tarp use.

The Luxe 237X tarp pole is made up of 5 elasticised joined sections with 1 x additional separate section that can be fitted to either end to adjust the height and or to change the setting for either tarp or tent / tipi use.

Made from 19 mm diameter T7001/T9 alloy the 237x pole is lightweight and strong and can be height extended from 205 to 237 cm.

Each pole section is elasticised together and breaks down to a short carry friendly length. Maximum packed down length for the 237x tarp pole set is only 48 cm, making it small and compact, perfect for carrying while hiking, cycling or kayaking.

The height adjustment section features a flat end cap for use with fly's or tent's that don't feature a eyelet for the pole to locate.


Material: Alloy T7001/T9
Tube diameter: 19 mm
Sections: 6
Height: 205 - 237 cm
Weight: 460 grams

Application: Any tarp or fly setup including the Luxe Tarp 290, 430, Batwing 400 & 500S or Sil-Tarp series.