Aarn Load Limo Pack - Short


The Load Limo is the largest pack in the Aarn range and is built to carry big loads on expeditions and longer trips.

This well-proven design has a growing reputation for reducing the strain of carrying heavy loads when used with Expedition Balance Pockets (optional extra) The sophisticated frame is designed to transfer heavy loads to the hips very comfortably while maintaining free hip movement.

The single compartment makes this the best of the Aarn large packs for keeping gear completely dry during deep river crossings and swims. The lid is extendible for the largest loads and both the lid and the liners are removable for reduced weight and volume. The pack is 100% waterproof.


  • Backlengths with Instant Torso-adjust, 14cm range
  • U, Multi & Flexi Flow
  • Waterproof Dri-liner
  • One compartment, lid pocket
  • Lid extendable, removable
  • Auto-mold frame with hollow 6001 T6 stays and 7075 alloy Load Transfer Tubes
  • True-fit shoulder straps, Flow-thru Stabilisers
  • Pelvic Form Hipbelt (M)
  • Web-loc compression
  • Attachments for ice axes, crampons, snowboard, trekking poles (front and rear), helmet, carritools/ice clippers (LL V.6)

Volume: 70 Litres
Weight max/min: 1.88 /1.8 kg
Key Fabrics:
500D Kodra nylon
40D ripstop nylon
Colour: Green/grey


  • Expedition Balance Pockets
  • Gear Racks
  • Pelvic Form Hipbelt (S) or (L)
  • X-Flow chest straps
  • Lasso-loc straps