Fill2Pure Fast Flow Water Filter Cartridge


Replacement Fill2Pure Fast Flow Filter to fit Fill2Pure stainless steel bottles.

Replacement Fill2Pure Fast Flow Filter to fit Fill2Pure stainless steel bottle

Instantly filters up to 99.99% of contaminants from water. Suitable for use throughout the developed world.

This filter instantly removes up to 99.99% of Aesthetics, Microbiological Contaminants (including viruses and bacteria), Chemicals (including Chlorine and Fluoride) and Dissolved Solids (Heavy Metals). This filter is suitable for filtering and drinking water out of rivers, streams, and freshwater lakes in New Zealand and Australia.


  • Fits Fill2Pure Stainless Steel Bottles
  • 400 litre filter life span


Size: 6 x 4 cm
Filter Life Span: 400 Litres

How do I know when I need to change the filter?

You do not need to keep count of the litres, you will know when you need to change it as the flow will become reduced and slower. Any water that comes through the filter is still safe, eventually the flow will become so diminished so that it will be harder to suck the water through and you can then buy a new filter.

Do I need to use purification drops with the filter?

Fill2Pure's technology is so advanced you do not need to use purification drops with any of their filters. They instantly remove 99.99% of contaminants with their fast flow filter and 99.9999% with their advanced filter, and there is no need for drops or waiting time.

Will the filter expire?

Fill2Pure's filters do not expire, if you wish to put the filter away for a prolonged period of time, simply flush the filter through with chlorinated water, leave to dry for 2 days, clean and dry the bottle, then you can store as long as you like.

Can I use the filter with any water source?

You can use Fill2Pure's filter with any fresh water source, tap water, river, stream, lake, swimming pool or drain.

Do your filters remove minerals?

No, Fill2Pure's filters will not strip essential minerals from the water, their filters leave in beneficial trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.