When, Where, Why




General uses

  • When faced with a grubby public toilet.
  • On those long car trips with long distances between clean toilets stops
  • When squatting is conspicuous and embarrassing
  • When enjoying the great outdoors.
  • On your OE or for traveling to holiday destinations were the toilets maybe outside your comfort zone.
  • When stuck in traffic (a bottle would also be required!)
  • Elderly or disabled women who find bending or squatting difficult
  • For Continence concerns, when the distance to the next toilet is on your mind.
  • When giving urine samples, Now see what you are doing and enjoy perfect aim directly into the sample container for a clean uncontaminated specimen

Occupational uses

  • Women in the armed forces; camouflaged bottoms will no longer be necessary
  • Commercial drivers
  • Police
  • Fire fighters
  • Farmers

Recreation and Sport uses

  • Endurance Athletes
  • Triathlons
  • Runners, walkers and cyclists
  • Trampers
  • Boating or Sailing
  • Golfers
  • Campers
  • Skiers
  • Kayakers
  • Fishing off the boat or on shore.
  • Scuba and free divers
  • Festival and concert goers,(we all know the stories about toilets and cues)