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The Treksmart 4 sleeping bag offers weight and space saving technology with superior warmth. This combined with a body hugging cut make the Treksmart 4 sleeping bag a real alternative to down filled sleeping bags.

The ultimate in warmth per weight per packed size. Unlike down, synthetic fill still keeps you warm when it is wet. This is a real practical advantage for the tramper and anyone wanting to travel light.

The Treksmart 4 is a mummy shaped, box foot style sleeping bag ideal for those who are travelling to colder areas and need extra warmth but don’t want extra bulk. The body hugging fit and the cocoon hood make sure you are getting maximum warmth for weight with this bag.

Treksmart 4 with InsulShield, the smart synthetic fill system. InsulShield allows vapour to escape, it is free-breathing. Radiant heat is reflected back inside the sleeping bag. Treksmart sleeping bags have InsulShield located above the chest and feet area of the bag.

MICROSMART® fibre is made up of two extreme micro fibre filaments. Both are finer than silk and less than 1-Denier. Denier is the weight in grams that 1-kilometre of the fibre would weigh. When presented in a dense layer, this emulates the insulating characteristics of a closed-cell foam mat where the air cells are trapped within the dense mass of micro fibres. MICROSMART® fill uses fibre density and trapped air cell density to achieve the ultimate in insulation.


  • 260T soft touch total outer shell and base
  • Siltec® inner soft, breathable silk-like polyester fabric
  • Twin 3-D draught tubes covering the zips
  • Chest collar to keep the warm air in and added thickness for shoulders and neck
  • Ezi glide zip guard to prevent snagging
  • Mummy shape cocoon hood
  • Foot hugging box foot
  • Zippered box foot


Outer shell: 260T soft touch ripstop polyester
Inner lining: Siltec (silk like performance)
Fill: Microsmart 4 x 75 gsm
Size: 225 L x 80 Chest x 60 Foot cm
Weight: 1.9 kg
Temperature rating: -15 deg.c
Packed size: 37 cm L x 20 cm in diameter approx

LH & RH zip options available