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All women will be able to benefit from using Shewee at sometime

Shewee is a revolutionary device which is changing women's lives world wide.

This ergonomically designed funnel provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating while standing up and without removing clothing.

At just 17cms long, the plastic funnel fits easily into a pocket, bum bag, handbag or daypack.

Designed with women of all ages and occupations in mind, the compact Shewee will soon be as much of a handbag essential as the cell phone.

Whether you choose to use Shewee to avoid sitting on less than desirable public toilet seats, or if your job, favourite pastime or sport makes going to the toilet in the usual squatting stance a challenge, Shewee is the solution

Join the growing number of Kiwi women empowered by the convenience of standing up to pee.

If squatting is difficult, if privacy is a concern or if the toilet is unclean or unavailable when you need it now!