What is Lockpeg? It’s a new concept in ground anchorage. The lockpeg is designed to stay in the ground while
you sleep through the night. The triangular nature of the lockpeg resists vibrating loose.
Normal pegs are prone to this, caused by wind gusts, consistently moving the peg around.
Finally there is an answer!

The lockpeg does not require precise angular insertion for a sufficient hold like ordinary pegs.
Just hammer it in along with it's insert peg and rest easy.

The stainless steel lockpeg takes an ‘off the market’ peg as its second (although it does come
with its own insert pegs). It will take up to a 6.3mm wire style insert peg.

How does it work?

It’s so simple! Drive the lockpeg into the ground followed by it's insert peg.
To remove. Simply pull out the insert peg followed by the Lockpeg.

What’s its advantage over other pegs?

  • Resists vibrating loose!
  • Easy insertion, Easy removal. No twisting or screwing. Screw style alternative pegs are very
    awkward to insert and are problematic when confronted with rocky terrain.
  • Small compact stainless steel design.  Perfect for hard soil. It's thin nature allows the Lockpeg
    to be inserted in a variety of soils.
  • Provides a full spectrum of radial hold (They won’t pull out the same way they were driven in
    like other pegs).
  • Provides a safe and reliable method to ground your tent in extreme environments.
  • Manufactured from quality stainless steel or glass reinforced nylon means the Lockpeg will not
    rust and is very strong.
  • A large head makes it easy to insert.
  • The hook is placed vertical to the shank for a sure hold.
  • Patent pending design.

What are some uses?

The Lockpeg may be used to anchor many applications, such as; field nets for sporting events,
tents, marquees, gazebos and outdoor sails.


Lockpeg Installed


Lockpeg Plastic Ground Anchor Peg Kit at EquipOutdoors

Lockpeg Plastic Ground Anchor Peg Kit