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Ozpig Oven Smoker 9” Pizza Stone

  • Perfect crispy crust
  • Authentic pizza experience
  • Fits Ozpig Oven Smoker
  • Designed for Ozpig Oven Smoker
  • Creates crispy crust
  • 9”/22.85 cm size
  • Absorbs moisture for crispy crust
  • Perfect pizza every time
  • Enhances Ozpig Oven Smoker experience
  • Crispy pizza crust
  • Designed for Ozpig Oven Smoker
  • 9" size fits perfectly
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Ozpig Series 2 Portable Wood Fire Stove

  • Portable and versatile
  • Unique cooking experience
  • Efficient heating and cooking
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Multiple cooking accessories available
  • Efficient wood burning design
  • Portable and powerful
  • Safe and efficient woodfire
  • Range of accessories available
  • Portable and powerful
  • Flavour born from fire
  • Cooking and heating capabilities
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Ozpig Diffuser

  • Temperature control made easy
  • Perfect for delicate cooking
  • Compatible with Ozpig stoves
  • Regulates cooking temperature
  • Fits under BBQ plate
  • Ideal for gentle simmering
  • Temperature regulator
  • Control cooking temperature
  • Enhances cooking experience
  • Regulates cooking temperature
  • Fits under BBQ plate
  • Ideal for gentle simmering
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The Ozpig is a clever Aussie invention created by a family with a love of the great outdoors. Hearty appetites and a passion for travel inspired the Shepherd family to develop a unique, multipurpose cooker that offers convenience and endless cooking options.

The Ozpig range are no ordinary BBQs. Ozpig harness woodfire to produce real flavour. No more sitting your barbecue in the corner, you'll want this front and centre. When the cooking is done, crank up the fire, kick back and enjoy the warmth.